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The inspiration that drives us every day — a love story that includes apples and Prince Edward Island

We truly feel blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada, Prince Edward Island. Living here is awe-inspiring, thanks to the island’s stunning nature and beautiful climate. Having over 40 years of agricultural experience, our team here at Belvedere Orchard is proud to offer a completely unique U‑Pick experience — all thanks to our commitment to using only the best in farm technologies, innovations, and traditions!

Our story begins long before 2019 when the first apple trees were planted in the orchard. Our founder, Teo Herweijer, originally from the Netherlands, travelled across the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, and Ukraine. It was after visiting with remarkable apple producers that he was inspired to start his own orchard here in beautiful PEI. The history of the island states that prior to World War II, apple production was one of the main industries in PEI before it became known as the potato province. The unique climate and rich red soil containing high amounts of iron create unique conditions for growing high-quality apple varieties. Thus, Teo's business idea came to fruition (pun intended) in an ideal location!

When looking through a travel guide, you won't find Brookfield. The area is not on the list of tourist destinations like Greenwich or Red Point Provincial Park. Brookfield is truly a hidden gem! Its beauty is revealed from only one place, high up on Millboro Road. And you won’t notice it while driving. From just one high field in the Brookfield area, there is a magnificent panoramic view with breathtaking scenery of picturesque hills. Even long-time locals don’t know about this amazing view. When you see this incredible masterpiece created by Mother Nature, it reminds you of the beautiful Italian scenery you find in Tuscany. There’s really no better place for an orchard. The stunning Italian view inspired the name of the new orchard. “Belvedere” is the Italian name that perfectly expresses the uniqueness of this location — “beautiful view.”

In 2019, approximately 10,000 apple trees with 14 varieties of apples were planted in the scenic Brookfield area for everyone to enjoy their favourite apple varieties grown with love, while at the same time enjoying the stunning panoramic view that you won’t find anywhere else on Prince Edward Island. Each September this family-friendly experience is ripe for the picking. Come with family and friends and you will soon understand why we call it Belvedere!

About the founder

Belvedere Orchard is a family-owned and operated apple orchard located in the beautiful Brookfield area. Founded in 2019 by Teo Herweijer, with over 40 years of versatile experience growing specialty potatoes on Wiltshire Farms for North American markets, Belvedere Orchard U‑Pick offers the best harvests of fresh, juicy, and flavourful fruit. Teo was one of two pioneers to grow non-GMO canola in PEI for export to Japan, providing high-quality and healthy products to the market.

Arriving from the Netherlands in 1983, Teo brought his knowledge and innovation in apple and potato production to Canada. With a strong passion for agriculture, combined with a constant search for innovation and excellence, market research and analysis, Teo delivers the highest quality products to consumers. Years of experience in farming have given Teo the perfect foundation for creating a new orchard experience from scratch by planting over 8,000 apple trees from 2019 to 2021. Our U‑Pick activities and unique location make Belvedere Orchard a great choice for a day trip – with friends, with family, or even alone. We are constantly improving our products to bring you the best, most delicious, and healthy fruit grown in PEI — with both love and gratitude. Here at Belvedere Orchard U‑Pick, our hardworking staff love chatting with customers and helping to educate them about our harvesting processes. Our absolute favourite thing, though? Watching your kids take an interest in our local agricultural scene! Next time you think of a “field trip” for your family, consider Belvedere — no child is too young to start learning about all the joy that comes with fresh, locally-grown fruit! (Plus, the way their faces light up when they pick a particularly red apple is priceless.)

Come visit us at Belvedere Orchard U‑Pick in mid‑September to pick the most delicious, juicy apples and have fun with your loved ones!

Let's go apple picking!
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