From sweet reds, like Gala,
to tangy yellows,
like Silken, you can find your
favourite among 14 delicious
varieties of apples in our
beautiful orchard!

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Apples are the most widely consumed fruit globally!

Did you know apples can lower your chances of developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease? Apples also help you lose weight while improving your gut and brain health.

With the price of fresh, top-quality fruit on the rise, it’s more important than ever to prioritize affordability… But what if there was a way to combine fresher-than-supermarket fruits with more affordable prices?

At Belvedere Orchard, we make that a reality with our cash-or-cheque U‑Pick orchards: with 14 varieties of the most popular apples available, over 8,000 trees, and over 40 years of agricultural experience. This is how we ensure that our apples are some of the best (if not THE best) you’ll ever taste. There’s no better way to get your fruit this fall.

Our Apple Varieties

First discovered in 1794, the Gravenstein apple has long been heralded as one of the most culinary apple varieties around the globe.

With the Gravenstein being extinct in numerous regions around the globe, you can take pride in knowing that you've had the opportunity to sample one of the most exceptionally rare varieties of apples!

While Gravensteins are difficult to harvest (even for our team that has over 40 years of agricultural experience), their mouth-watering goodness make them one of the best apples for autumn pies… and they’re worth every ounce of effort!
Did you know that the Golden Delicious variety of apple happened by chance? It originated from an accidental seedling believed by experts to be a cross between the Grimes Golden and the Golden Reinette varieties.

…In fact, it’s so unique that it has the highest number of genes (specifically 57,000!) out of ANY plant genome scientists have studied to date. While these fun facts are interesting, here at Belvedere we only care about three core principles: robust flavour, freshness, and quality. And speaking of fun facts, the Golden Delicious is a key ingredient in our family-favourite apple crisp.
Cox Orange Pippin
First grown in 1825 in Buckinghamshire, England, by horticulturist Richard Cox, Belvedere Orchard is proud to have the Cox Orange Pippin apple in our orchard.

Considered to be one of the best apple varieties to eat fresh from the tree, this apple’s sweet, crisp flavour makes it a favourite for those who love using apples in their baking or juice blends.

Ready to enjoy PEI’s best apple selection at affordable prices? Bring the whole family to experience U‑Pick like never before! We’re open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week.
Have you ever seen an apple that looks like it’s made of gold?

If you answered no, then you’ve never seen a Ginger Gold apple in sunlight!

Easily recognizable thanks to its glistening yellow skin, Ginger Gold apples have a creamy texture and tart overtones that complement each other perfectly. We especially love chopping this delicious variety into fine slices for Fall salads!

If you’re a fan of the Ginger Gold, what’s your favourite way to eat them? We’d love to know!
Cortland apples are one of the most nutritious apple varieties in the world.
— They’re a high source of fiber, perfect for regulating the digestive tract.
— They contain high amounts of potassium to help balance fluid levels within the body.
— They’re packed with immune-boosting vitamins A, C, and E.

With its combined mild flavour and soft flesh, we love mixing Cortland apples into our salads, sauces, and Fall soups for an easy dose of extra vitamins and minerals. Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious autumn snack? Try glazing your Cortland apples with brown sugar or caramel and baking them in the oven!
If you’ve enjoyed a Honeycrisp apple, you already know that there’s something special about this mouth-watering apply variety.

But did you know that there’s a scientific reason behind this?

Honeycrisps are produced to have bigger cells than other apples, meaning that they really ARE juicier and crunchier than most other apples – it’s not just your imagination!

This is also why they taste so clean and sweet. Blend a few Honeycrisp apples and you’re in for a treat: the smoothest apple sauce you’ve ever tasted!
If you’ve ever enjoyed a refreshing glass of fresh cider, you can likely thank the light, crisp flavour of Gala apples for its distinct taste!

As one of our 14 types of apples available for picking at Belvedere Orchard, Gala apples boast a sweet, almost vanilla-like flavour with a floral aroma. We are proud to have three varieties of Gala in our orchard: Aurora Golden Gala, Imperial Gala, and Mitchell Gala.

In a rush and don’t have time to pick your Gala apples fresh off the tree? We have pre-packaged apples available for pick-up daily!
The Jonagold apple is another popular apple variety known for its excellent flavour and versatility. It's a hybrid apple that originated in the United States and is the result of crossing the Jonathan and Golden Delicious apple varieties.

The Jonagold apple typically has a beautiful, bright skin that features a combination of red, orange, and yellow hues. The exact colouring can vary, but it's what we call an attractive, and stunning apple.

The flavour of the Jonagold apple is sweet with a balanced hint of tartness. It’s one of our faves for picking right off the tree and eating as we go about our daily chores.
The name “Ambrosia” is derived from the Greek language and was used in ancient mythology to describe the food or drink of the gods. Ambrosia apples have a bright to pale yellow base colour and are covered with an orange-red to reddish-pink blush with a few faint lenticels. Beneath the surface, the yellow to cream-coloured flesh is fine-grained, watery, and firm with a crisp but soft crunch.

Ambrosia apples are fragrant, fruity in flavour, and naturally low in acid, contributing to the apple's mild, sweet taste. Ambrosia apples are known for their honey flavour and have notes of pear, flowers, and wildflower honey.
The Sunrise apple is an attractive and modern apple variety, developed in Canada during the late 20th Century. It is reputed to being one of the best early-season apple varieties.

It’s easy to guess the pedigree of the Sunrise apple: the conical shape and long stalk suggests Golden Delicious, and the strong red unblemished skin colours and bright white flesh suggest McIntosh. However, it is not quite that straightforward since it has another un-named cultivar in the mix. Sunrise, as the name suggests, is an early apple variety — unlike Golden Delicious and McIntosh.
The Crimson Crisp is a modern apple cultivar known for its unique characteristics. As the name suggests, Crimson Crisp apples have a deep red colour, often with some yellow undertones. The skin is typically glossy, appealing to apple lovers of all ages!

These apples are known for being both sweet and slightly tart. The flavour can be described as rich, with a good balance between sweet and tangy notes. One of the standout features of the Crimson Crisp apple is its crispness. The texture is firm, making the Crimson Crisp great for eating freshly picked. But their versatility doesn’t stop there. It’s also perfect for cooking and baking.
This variety of apple is fairly new on the market. It's a cross between America's two favourite apples, Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink. This is one of the most beautiful apples you have ever seen and the perfect balance between tart and sweet. Sweet, with just the right amount of tartness to give it personality.

It's crunchy, yet not too hard. The taste itself seems like the perfect combination of Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink. Wild Pink is another excellent apple for eating fresh off the tree. Juicy. Beautiful. AND tasty!

Here are eight impressive health benefits from apples that you may not know about

  • High in antioxidants, making them one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.
  • A diet rich in apples can help maintain a healthy weight.
  • Apples are good for your heart.
  • Eating apples regularly is linked to a lower risk of diabetes.
  • Apples promote healthy digestion.
  • Apples act as an anti-carcinogen.
  • Anyone who suffers from asthma can benefit from eating apples, as their oxidative effects can help reduce asthma symptoms.

Our motto? Be picky!
After all, you get to pick each and every one of the apples you choose to take home!

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