Come on down to
Belvedere for a U-Pick
experience you won’t
want to miss!

You know the saying:
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

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New to the term “U-Pick”?

U-Pick refers to any farm or orchard where consumers get to pick their own fresh produce, straight from the tree!

U-Picks aren’t only a great way to guarantee the quality, freshness, and pricing of the produce you want… They also promise a fun outing for the whole family, where memories are created, and beautiful photos are taken! Belvedere Orchard is different from other orchards because we practice ecological apple production methods when growing your favourite varieties of juicy, fresh fruit.

Like you, we love our local supermarkets. But who hasn’t experienced the following scenario… You’re in the fruit aisle and you notice a pile of apples that look absolutely perfect. But it’s only when you pick one up that you realize that they’re mushy, discoloured, or even already molding!

This is common when buying imported foods. Even imported apples that leave their country of origin in good condition have a limited shelf life in comparison to apples that are grown fresh here on the island.

The solution? Support both our local economy and your wallet by spending less on bruised apples and instead picking fresh fruit for you and your family!

The secret behind why the apples you buy from grocery store chains never taste as good as local apples...

In most cases, apples are picked for their firmness as opposed to their ripeness. This means that grocery stores want their apples to be as firm as possible to guarantee that they’ll last the long journey from their home country to your fruit bowl.

However, because every variety of apple ripens at different times and at different speeds, these strict retail requirements mean that you aren’t getting the best flavours, textures, or prices… No wonder the apples you eat today don’t have the same bursting flavour you remember as a child!

Restore your faith in apples by visiting us here at Belvedere Orchard, located just 15 minutes outside of Charlottetown!

Did you know?

Apples use something called “polyphenols” to naturally protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays!

In essence, it’s like a natural sunscreen… which is why apples can last month after month even under the baking sun.

Let’s be honest: high-quality fruit is becoming harder and harder to find. And with global supply chains facing increasing issues, it can be distressing when you aren’t sure how your fruit has been grown and what you’re feeding your family. And then there’s the question of preservatives. What has your grocery store produce been treated with to make sure they don’t rot on the ship during their commute!

When you shop locally, you can say good-bye to that disappointment. Come visit Belvedere Orchard U‑Pick to see how your favourite apples are grown – and pick the freshest ones right off the trees, which you can then store at home for months!

Come with the whole family to experience U‑Pick like never before and walk out with as many apples as your arms can carry!

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